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Ariel Farrar, DVM


Dr. Farrar grew up in Davison with 2 brothers and a sister (she is the definition of a strong-willed middle child). She grew up loving animals and from a tender young age she already knew that she wanted to be a veterinarian. One of her favorite animals are horses (she loves Morgans in particular) and initially equine work was the area of veterinary medicine that she was interested in going into. She graduated with honors in 2012 from U of M Flint, majoring in Biology. During her undergraduate studies at U of M is actually when Dr. Farrar met her husband, Andrew!! She was then accepted into Michigan State University’s prestigious Veterinary Medicine program. Dr. Farrar may have sported a few MSU t-shirts back then, but she will tell you that she has always been a true Wolverine at heart. 

During her undergraduate studies, she won a scholarship that gave her the incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study abroad in Australia for a month! She still enjoys traveling to this day, particularly she looks forward to going to Drummond Island every year with her family. 

When Dr. Farrar is not working at the clinic, caring for and spending time with her family, teaching Sunday school, traveling abroad and eating cereal, she enjoys spending time with her fur babies, Magic, Theo and Nadja. Pictured here with her is Magic! Magic is a therapy dog and has spent his entire lifetime as Dr. Farrar’s best friend and faithful companion. He helped her through her journey of high school, undergrad and even accompanied her to vet school! Dr. Farrar likes to joke and say that Magic should have a degree too because he went to class more than most dogs.

Dr. Farrar has been a wonderful addition to our Riverside family for 5 years now; we are so lucky to have her! She is steady as a rock and works flawlessly under pressure. One of her favorite parts about her job is achieving something that beats the odds, helping a patient out who potentially had a bleak outcome and is now thriving.

Dr. Ariel Farrar, DVM